July 7, 2017

Never in my life have i been rejected from getting my visa to another country considering I travel a lot and been to Spain before i was not concerned about it a bit. But this time things were different i happen to collect my visa one week before my departure and found out i got rejected! So i reapplied everything again the very next day since i do not have 15 days to wait for my visa to process but only 7 days i was anxious! and when i'm anxious and need some guidance i always turn first to my Tarot/Oracle cards because they never lie! Being so connected to nature i love working with my fairy cards. Here's what my card spread said which is all a story- line 

1. Unexpected changes

2. Patience

3. Success!phewww

Seeing that w...

June 23, 2017

Today marks the start of Cancer season which is my star sign! YAY! You may be feeling the potency of this new moon in the complex and compassionate sign. Cancer is not only the most emotional+caring sign of the zodiac it also rules family and finances. With this lunation comes the opportunity to truly wear your heart on your sleeve, opening up to the vulnerability that comes from expressing our more sensitive selves.

Since its in my star sign and my birthday is coming up soon on July 14th i wanted to give back and offer a special gift to those of you who have never tried reiki/ intuitive reading/meditation(you can choose one of any service). Please inbox me for appointment and be ready to discover how you can harness the deep phy...

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