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Overcoming life challenges

Few of the main rocks in my life. When you go through the challenges in life I've learnt not to take people i love for granted. The challenges has taught me to be more open, to have more compassion, its taught me forgiveness and not to take things personally.I have to say i have never felt so whole, complete and content in my life. Magic happens when you stop blaming and take action for your own life.

Honour the lessons and make peace from within. When you learn to stop that self pity question "why me? "and ask "what was the lesson? "instead, miracles happen

Don't sweep it under the rug like nothing happened, bring it

out to light, face it, express it and release it! Life is learning to embrace the perfection in imperfection. Understanding that we all have different language of love, we all express and show love differently. Learn each others love language! Reminder: we are all spiritual beings having a human experience we are all here to learn something at the same time also learn to take it easy and enjoyyy 😎

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