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What Is Intuitive Counseling?

Tarot/Oracle cards are prescriptions not a predictions. Card readings are one of the many divination tools used to connect with our spiritual guides and angels. These are used to inquire about what things that are in your best interest. We are all cosmic beings and unfortunately, we do not come to this earth with a how-to manual or a map to help navigate through this life. This is where intuitive cards comes in to guide you to the path of joy and happiness. Best way to predict your future is to create it!

I now offer all sessions including intuitive counseling online from the comfort of your own space. I’m really passionate about helping others who are seeking guidance around areas of their life such as:

❊ Gifts/strengths ❊ Career ❊ Love

❊ Disempowering patterns and 'blocks' ❊ Past lives & their influence on current life ❊ Life 'lessons' ❊ Soul Purpose ❊ Spirit guides & messages ❊ + more I started reading intuitively since i was 15 then later when i started my Reiki Journey i got trained by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. I personally pick a card for myself everyday to give me guidance for the energy of the day it helps me stay aligned and feel empowered to course correct things that might not be the best intention for me. Cards are like intuitive GPS .☂️ It helps me gain clarity on areas I was seeking and I want to offer others the opportunity like I had, to the best of my ability. My style of reading is more about who you are on a soul level, where you are currently and the past influencing now. I am NOT a fortune teller. My readings very much focus on the present moment. I read your aura combine with cards and chanelled messages. In order to get to where you want, what changes do You need to make. 💫 We are all energetically connected so you do not need to be picking the cards yourself. I connect with your energy and pick the cards for you. During the reading i channel source of the highest good and guide to speak through me. 😇 We connect on 30 minute Zoom call/Whatsapp/Line to discuss the messages. If you feel drawn to a reading, there’s more information on my website and you can book through the booking system.

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