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How to keep creating and stay motivated when you feel like giving up?

1. Daily meditation - helps you create peace from inside and staying connected to the loving and strong part of you. Allowing you to observe your circumstances without being swept away by it. Now meditation doesn't have to be sitting in a lotus can be a quiet walk in the park, it can be when you are relaxing in the bath find what it is that allow you to connect back to that inner peace.

2. Get moving! When you feel low you dont feel motivated to do anything besides lying around and binging unnecessarily. Find any exercise that you like doing it can be brisk walking yoga dance HIIT workout running whatever it is get moving! Plus one thing that always works for me and really gets me excited to workout is playing my own play list of music it makes a huge difference it pumps me up.

Challenge: try following these two tips for 7 continuous days even if its just 10 mins a day see how you feel and please let me know if it has helped you.

Stay motivated and keep creating! We are all here to contribute in some way or the other. Love tipsygypsy

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