September 6, 2020

Hypnotherapy, also referred to as guided hypnosis, is a form of psychotherapy that uses deep 

relaxation, extreme concentration, and intense attention to achieve a heightened state of consciousness or mindfulness. In other words, it places the individual into a “trance” or altered state of awareness. If you have tried meditation before it's the same feeling, your brain wave  in 

meditation and hypnotherapy is in the theta brain wave state. In this state your subconscious  mind opened this where 95% of your  belief system, memories are stored, what you are conscious of is only 5%. For people who have meditated i always simply explain to them that Hypnosis is meditation with a goal. 

During hypnotherapy we are giving n...

August 12, 2020

The “inner child” is one of those concepts that is used regularly yet is a little confusing to think about.

It’s referred to in different ways, ranging from “the child archetype”, to “the child within”, to “the wonder child” to the “wounded child.” or as Hypnotherapist we also use the word "Little me".

Yet what does it mean? And how does “inner child healing” help you make positive changes in your life?

I have to say since I became a therapist this is without a doubt something I always have to work with my clients because most of our root cause issues in life from relationships, finance, lack of confidence, Insecurity, people-pleasing, destructive behavioural patterns, and so on stems from our childhood. Since you were a fetus till...

May 5, 2020

Tarot/Oracle cards are prescriptions not a predictions. Card readings are one of the many divination tools used to connect with our spiritual guides and angels. These are used to inquire about what things that are in your best interest. We are all cosmic beings and unfortunately, we do not come to this earth with a how-to manual or a map to help navigate through this life. This is where intuitive cards comes in to guide you to the path of joy and happiness. Best way to predict your future is to create it! 

I now offer all sessions including intuitive counseling online from the comfort of your own space. 

I’m really passionate about helping others who are seeking guidance around areas of their life such as:

❊ Gifts/stren...

March 17, 2020

Growing up my mom would never take us to the hospital. 

She always taught us that food is medicine. You are what you eat. If you eat right it's rare you would get sick. She is right because we never did go to the hospital. Every meal she would go on and tell us the benefits of each 

vegetables in our meals. Living a holistic lifestyle runs in our blood, my great grandfather was also an Ayurvedic doctor, now my middle sister is also a nutritionist. When something is off with my body I have learnt to go to the root cause of the problem not a quick fix by popping a pill. I only turn to western medicines as a last resort. Being a reiki master myself i always check in with my emotions and food I'm eating first. 

I started incorporating...

October 16, 2019

Disconnect to Connect went off roadtrip up 15, 000 ft. at Zero Point Sikkim bordering China.

As i made a promise to myself beginning this year to go completely disconnected since my 10 days dive trip.The road up here definitely not an easy ride but i was in awe the whole time face out the window inhaling the breath of fresh air throughout at times my face felt numbed from the cold breeze and i might have forgotten to blink at times. Something about standing in the midst of the vast big mountains makes you more humble and grateful for LIFE itself.

No Wi-Fi for 5 days but definitely a better connection with the nature and most importantly with yourself. TAKE THE TIME TO GO COMPLETELY OFFLINE few days few times a year. It really cha...

August 2, 2019

1st Card is What cycle is opening up for you?

Greek Goddess Mnemosyne- The Past

This Goddess has a powerful message for you there are many choice points in life where have the power to make beautiful changes and become more creative, empowered, and alive. Yes sometimes memories that live in the cells of your body will trigger palpable fear. But you can move beyond your past to discover new territories, and a new vision of freedom will come to you. The memories will change because you have changed.

2nd card is What wants to emerge, or grow or be tended this cycle?

Goddess Athena-Knowledge

Knowledge is power, and you are in perfect position to gain clarity at this time. Have courage your most precious dream are within reach! Release an...

July 17, 2019

No matter how big or small, almost all of us experienced some kind of trauma as children.

These traumas could vary from having your favorite stuffed toy thrown in the trash, to being abandoned by your best childhood friend or family, your teacher embarrassing you in front of the whole class to being physically or emotionally abused. 

Inner child work is a vital component of inner work because it reconnects us with a wounded element of ourselves: the child within. When we reconnect with this fragmented part of ourselves, we can begin to discover the root of many of our fears, phobias, insecurities and sabotaging life patterns. This is where the true healing happens!

My journey to Inner Child healing happened 4 years ago wh...

July 1, 2019

You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself -The Wizard of OZ

Happy July (my birth month!)July 2 brings us the new moon in Cancer and a total solar eclipse. This is powerful energy for intention setting, with high potential to set new, empowering patterns in place, or to break old, dis-empowering habits. What a wonderful start to the second half of the year! 

When we are in a state of good vibration, we attract more of that to us.

Feelings vibrate, j
ust as all things in the universe do, at a particular frequency. Negative feelings like anger, guilt, and greed vibrate at low frequencies, while positive feelings like joy, appreciation, and passion vibrate at high frequencies. These high-frequency...

May 12, 2019

Few of the main rocks in my life. When you go through the challenges in life I've learnt not to take people i love for granted. The challenges has taught me to be more open, to have more compassion, its taught me forgiveness and not to take things personally.I have to say i have never felt so whole, complete and content in my life. Magic happens when you stop blaming and take action for your own life.

Honour the lessons and make peace from within. When you learn to stop that self pity question "why me? "and ask "what was the lesson? "instead, miracles happen

Don't sweep it under the rug like nothing happened, bring it

out to light, face it, express it and release it! Life is learning to embrace the perfection in imperfection. Unde...

February 14, 2019

On Occasion of Valentine's day i felt inspired to write this 

Being single or being in a relationship are both valid options for living life, and one is not better than the other.
The way we choose to love can be as unique as the way we choose to make a living, maintain our health, or entertain ourselves. Some choose to seek out a mate and enter into a partnership with a special individual, while others find immense satisfaction in staying single. There is no right or wrong way to be in your life when it comes to deciding whether or not to be in a relationship, even though society tends to put an emphasis on romantic partnerships. Whether you choose to go through life as part of a romantic relationship or live as a single unit,...

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