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Emotional Vision Dance Therapy

Maybe there is something in life that prevents you from moving forward; observe, discover what it is and remove it from your soul.

We all have family ties, some very entrenched, that hinder or support, limit or condition our individual action.

Discover and successfully get rid of our family heritage is our work. So we break our bad family patterns and we change our path, choose our own, venturing into the unknown.

We have lots of hands to help us. Some seem good, some bad, some are pushing us, others holding us.
Learn to feel the support and strength you get from your family ties after having deeply observed them.

The workshop goal is to use dance and meditation as a tool to connect with the depth of your relationships to see why we always seem to stumble over the same stone and fail to break the cycle. Often we wonder why, and without getting to know the reason, we get up and move forward but we find this same stone again. Observing the dynamics we had with our parents can bring us many answers to remove all the stones that forever repeat in our lives.

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