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I almost didn't make it to Spain! Here's what I did to stay calm, positive and in peace whil

Never in my life have i been rejected from getting my visa to another country considering I travel a lot and been to Spain before i was not concerned about it a bit. But this time things were different i happen to collect my visa one week before my departure and found out i got rejected! So i reapplied everything again the very next day since i do not have 15 days to wait for my visa to process but only 7 days i was anxious! and when i'm anxious and need some guidance i always turn first to my Tarot/Oracle cards because they never lie! Being so connected to nature i love working with my fairy cards. Here's what my card spread said which is all a story- line

1. Unexpected changes

2. Patience

3. Success!phewww

Seeing that was a big relief so at that point all i could do is be patient! but us humans have the tendency to sway and since there was no guarantee from the visa center ill be honest i was anxious and impatient but knowing that i needed to be patient, i turn to my other inner tools to help me stay positive and patient. Here are my daily rituals during those 5 days of anticipation.

-Wake up Visualising- the exact outcome so in my case i imagined myself receiving my visa on time and me doing a happy dance to it.That naturally made me feel good and i just allowed that feeling to sink into me as if its already real. I also write down my intention and say it out loud just to be clear you know ;) in the end i also send love light and blessings to the people involved in my visa (you don't really need to know them in person we are all energy and connected so just know that its sent!) Very important i end my visual meditation with a thank you in advance to my spirit guides for supporting me and helping me remain positive.

-Mantras- There are many mantras out there to help turn a negative situation to a positive one. You can also create your own mantra for example I am supported and everything is always working out for me. Repeat repeat repeat till it sinks in and you start to believe and feel good. woohoo!

-Have fun and Surrender- While waiting for your wish to manifest we must go on with our daily routine and allow ourselves to enjoy the process and the way i do it is by listening to music like "Everything's gonna be alright" by Bob Marley and i normally play and dance to this every morning "I feel good "by James Brown remix instantly just listening to positive music and dancing to it uplifts me naturally allowing me to be in the vortex for a longer period of time. Remember don't focus so much on it that you are giving out a desperate vibe because in that case your wishes tend to run further away from you because desperation is sending out a vibe of lack to the universe. So enjoy and trust that it will! Surrender to the Universe you don't have to deal with all your problems alone.

-Help others- Something i have learnt is when you feel stuck help others because when we help others we allow ourselves to focus not on our problems hence removing us from overthinking of the worst that can happen. Funny thing is this time i didn't even have to try this step because the universe just kept sending people and animals asking me for help and i happily did without expecting anything in return but what i got back naturally was a peace of mind.

I hope you all can apply these steps into any situation you want to turn around into a positive manifestation.

Happy Manifesting! and see you all in August when i'm back from my long vacation in Spain!

p.s. i actually did do my happy dance infront of the mirror when i received a message from the embassy that visa is approved =D

With love light and Gratitude

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