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How To Quickly And Easily Process And Heal Negative Emotions

1. Take A Deep Breath- When painful emotions arise, its easy to get swept away in the thoughts around the emotion. take a deep breath and get centerned.

2. Remember that feelings are both universal and temporary- Sometimes the scariest part of feeling is fearing it'll last forever, or that you're the only one who feels it. Remember that everyone feels pain and people have their own way of expressing alot of times they just don't which is where it can turn into an explosion of anger later. This feeling is a call for more love, not less.

3. Ask , " What Is This Feeling Trying to Tell Me?- Maybe you need to set a boundary or ask for help. Or express your emotions, alot of times we could all just start the thought in our own head out of expectation and then not expressing it you create a whole drama of stories stirring inside you eating up you from inside. Breathe contemplate and find a way to express always from love. And other times it might just be telling you to take a break and rest.

4.Fully Feel The Emotion To Heal It- If you feel like crying then do so if you feel anger in a closed door or rooftop just scream it out. Even punching pillow works. Anger doesn't have to be a negative thing its also an emotion that needs to be released without hurting anyoneand can be transformational and powerful when we channel it the right way. I love doing some intense workout, power yoga and even dancing to sweat it out if its anger that i'm feeling. Movement is always good to move emotions no matter how bad you feel we are made of water and water is emotions releasing it through sweat and tears will help balance you. Walking in the nature being barefoot on the grass. Simply sitting under the tree and journaling these are few things you can do to help tap into your emotions and release it. Healing tools like Reiki and guided meditation can help tap into your deep emotions that you may not be aware of it by bringing it to the surface we become aware of exactly what's been blocking us and we can heal it.

I hope this serves you and if you think someone will benefit from reading this please do share it with them. Sending you good vibes.

Love & Gratitude


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