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New Moon in Scorpio with reading from 19-26 November 2017

With New moon in Scorpio just like any moon its time for new beginnings as you can see the first card also is THE DREAMER willing to take the risk and break out from your comfort zone. Plant new seeds for your dreams to manifest. Combining 6 of water with Release its all about releasing and letting go with your old patterns, childhood trauma, your exes so that you can open your path to new people new experiences that are more aligned with you. People from your past can show up make the closure and let go. For some its rekindling with old friends/ relationships and letting go with whatever happened in the past and beginning to see each other from a new perspective. (this also depends on what card comes next after Release).

Scorpio being ruled by Pluto, God of the Underworld. This means a lot of what’s going on has either been hiding from the surface or is STILL under the surface and is now ready to come up and be transmuted. Combine these two energies and it's the absolute PERFECT time to really focus on setting intentions that are aligned with your truth and higher purpose. What makes your heart soar and gives you a sense of fulfilment. Of course with so much transformation, things are not going to be breezy. With any major changes or shifts in any areas of your life, there will be intense emotions, obstacles and blocks to overcome. Everything coming up has a purpose. You won't be able to just sweep it under the rug anymore. Step back and let the Universe help lead the way. Parts of yourself that you may have been hiding, intentionally or not, will become present. Your truth is confronting you straight on and pushing you to grow out of your skin and push past it. Expanding.

As with any Scorpio energy, mind the stinger. Don't be so quick to judge others or yourself and use your discernment before taking action. Don't take things personally.

For an indepth personal reading message me. Happy manifesting🤗

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