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Altars and Creating sacred space for manifestation

Creating an altar or a sacred space for me is to allow me to connect with myself. Our first moment of the day are most open and sacred it bridge the gap between dreaming and consciousness. It's the perfect time to connect with your precious soul , rather than tuning in to the outside noise go inside first. Set a positive intention for the day ahead, visualise how you like your day to flow. I also like to send blessings to my work place and loved ones.

It also is a magical way to spark a conversation with the Universe in your home or office. It amplifies your intention and creates space for your desires to manifest.

You can meditate with your altar, use affirmations, mantras or spend time visualizing what you want to create.

You don't need anything fancy to create an altar. I personally like to place positive affirmation cards for the week whatever i feel i need to be reminded of. You can also decorate the space with your favorite crystals, image of god/goddess or just anything that you connect with. A journal to write down your intentions, gratitude, alot of times i like to free flow write in my journal after i just meditated to get more spiritual guidance and i do get a lot of aha-moments. Praying is talking to the Universe and meditating is listening and when we open ourselves for guidance trust that you will be guided. =)

Sacred space is a space you can always come back to ground and connect with yourself again. Every time i feel I've fell off track this is where i return to come back to my alignment again and i can always feel i'm never alone when you co-create with the Universe know that you are always being guided and supported.

  • Other items: random items you might like to include are fresh flowers, essential oil, shells, feathers, love notes from your loved ones, sage, candles, incense, photos, intentions. Be creative! It’s so much fun!

I hope this serves and inspire you to create your own alter/sacred space. I would love to see your alter as well. You can share the picture of your alter on instagram and tag me @soulfulgypsyjourney

With love and gratitude


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