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3 Keys for Navigating August 2018 with Ease

Roadtrip to Ladakh

With all the intense Eclipse energy and retrogrades, I want to share with you 3 keys for how you can navigate August's energies with grace and ease... Here they are: 1. Consciously choose happiness! This is big. Many are feeling worn out or frazzled after the shifts and changes of July. And now, while transformation definitely continues, you also have the opportunity to settle into all that has changed in your reality with a newfound sense of joy, happiness and enthusiasm... True happiness awaits, but its up to you to choose and to cultivate it! Ask yourself: "What truly brings me joy?" Maybe you simply need to shift your perspective to view things more positively? Maybe you can lean into your life with more gratitude, to start noticing and enjoying all the many blessings you already have? Or maybe there is a shift you can make to let go of some of the things that are draining you... And start choosing uplifting, joyful, and recharging habits, patterns, and perspectives instead? 2. Listen to your inner guidance What's really happening now... Is the emergence of the next stage of your life purpose, mission and calling. And while you may feel like you don't know what is next, or which way to turn ... Your soul and inner guidance know the highest and best way through! Make the time to get out of your mind and into your heart space where you can tune into the inner guidance that's always available to you. From within, you can glimpse into the beautiful possibilities for the next stage of your life... And receive the inspiration, knowing, and clarity as to how you can step into the highest possibilities. What is your inner guidance prompting you to do? What is your very next step? -Are you being guided to step up your self-love and care? -Start a daily meditation practice? -Cut something out of your routine? -Clean up your diet or take a step towards improving your health\ fitness? Listen for the voice of wisdom within you! When you trust the guidance you receive and act upon it, there are so many hidden benefits and blessings that will be able to align as a result. Including the expansion and activation of your subtle senses so that you're able to start receiving clear guidance in a heightened and even more powerful way. 3. Let the Old and Outdated Fall Away The next stage of your life purpose is beginning... So look at whatever is shifting, changing, or falling away from your through this lens! Don't bring old energy with you into the new! Release the past, and allow what is meant to dissolve and fall away from your life do just that! Know that yes old energies are crumbling... But they're doing so to make room for a deeper expression of your highest authenticity and most radiant truth. Resist the temptation to hold onto what has been... Cleanse your energy, clean your space, clear out clutter, and let go of the past so you can be fully present in this moment here and now. Are you willing to let the old, past and outdated fall away so that the radiant truth of who you really are can emerge? Breathe... Release... And pay attention. What is dissolving so that you can spiritually grow? The best is yet to be... And we've just gone through a cycle of major completion... Let go of what needs to fall away, and let yourself be reborn into more of who you really are, and all you're meant to be. A deeper embodiment of your highest authenticity awaits... And there is so much love, goodness, and joy are yet to be for you. With love and blessings,


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