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Channeled Leo New Moon Energy, Goddess Power Oracle

1st Card is What cycle is opening up for you?

Greek Goddess Mnemosyne- The Past

This Goddess has a powerful message for you there are many choice points in life where have the power to make beautiful changes and become more creative, empowered, and alive. Yes sometimes memories that live in the cells of your body will trigger palpable fear. But you can move beyond your past to discover new territories, and a new vision of freedom will come to you. The memories will change because you have changed.

2nd card is What wants to emerge, or grow or be tended this cycle?

Goddess Athena-Knowledge

Knowledge is power, and you are in perfect position to gain clarity at this time. Have courage your most precious dream are within reach! Release any projected story or expectations and accepting that you don’t have all the facts needed to make an informed choice. Ask for clarity, remain open and receptive, then wait for the will of the Divine to respond.

3rd Card- What blocks are coming up around this? Goddess Lakshmi-Fortune

You are a magnet for miracles. Apply gratitude, praise and a commitment to serve. Do you think there is not enough to go around? Not enough love, not enough money. You worry about growing old, missing out, and struggling for the resources you misperceive as limited. You might also feel stingy, afraid to share in case there will be nothing left. This thinking must go if you want to live a rich and vibrant life! You can repeat a mantra,” What is mine will not go past me” If you look at other and envy their life, repeat this mantra “ That which I desire is also me!”Your true limitations are only what you set for yourself!

4th Card Why this block is here/the shadow underneath the block

Goddess Benzai Ten

Your ability to see beauty in your world is dimmed by a momentary lapse in self-worth. Your alignment task is to restore your self-worh and rgain your equilibrium in these mind games designed to dim you light. Now is the time for positive self-inventory. You are more than enough! Dust off and start again

5th Card Advice for healing these blocks

Goddess Iris-Communication

Get clear on what you really want. Ask for clarity. Take a straightforward attitude, don’t be afraid to hear what might disappoint you. Be clear and demand the same from others. Speak up for yourself. The people who are important to you in the long run will listen and witness you, and then you can engage in positive conversation that leads to heartfelt solutions. Let yourself be heard, and the Great Goddess will send strong teachers and wonderful allies for you.

6th Card Advice for working with these energies to come back to myself

Goddess Uzume –Humor (I love this, because that’s how I deal with most situation in life now see humor in all our human drama!)

Laughter is the best medicine and exceptionally healing. Keep your focus on fun and positivity, and see humor if you can. Life is not meant to be all work and no play, all focus and no release! Humor fosters resilience and lightheartedness alleviates emotional pain, giving much needed break from the burdens and speed of life. I just love this last card so much! Think how when you are having fun and in the presence of joy you allow even more joy to come into your life. It is our birthright to feel good baby! Balance all the hard work you’ve been doing lately. Lets have a giggle fest ! You are so loved!

Much love Areena

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