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Disconnect to Connect

Disconnect to Connect went off roadtrip up 15, 000 ft. at Zero Point Sikkim bordering China.

As i made a promise to myself beginning this year to go completely disconnected since my 10 days dive trip.The road up here definitely not an easy ride but i was in awe the whole time face out the window inhaling the breath of fresh air throughout at times my face felt numbed from the cold breeze and i might have forgotten to blink at times. Something about standing in the midst of the vast big mountains makes you more humble and grateful for LIFE itself.

No Wi-Fi for 5 days but definitely a better connection with the nature and most importantly with yourself. TAKE THE TIME TO GO COMPLETELY OFFLINE few days few times a year. It really changes you from inside, energetically something gets shifted. You come back fully RECHARGED and INSPIRED!

Sorry to my loved ones that were worried as i suddenly disappeared with no warnings ( forgot i'm on the mountains🤣)We definitely realised how much more we actually care for each other 😍😘

26000 steps on my Fitbit from the tremendous off road shake 😂

Zero Point Sikkim
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