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4 Pillars to Re-Parent Your Inner Child Becoming Your Own Inner Wise Parent

SelF Care

Every morning when you  wake up pause and  ask yourself, “What can I do for myself?”

Few things you can do is couple of minutes alone, journaling, read, move your body. This will help you break any pattern of denying your own needs especially if you are now a parent yourselves.

And if you didn't see your parents take care of themselves or you had to be the caretaker since you were young this is something you will need to re-learn so being consistent with your self care practice is very important. 

If you consistently insist on doing everything , you train people  around you to not step up for you. 

Loving Discipline 

Creating new habits and boundaries with ourselves by making and keeping small promises to yourself. You can do anything from 1- 10-15 mins which is approachable so that you can follow up with yourself. 

It can look like reading 5 pages in a book, sitting in stillness for 2 mins, journaling 3-5 mins, taking 5 deep belly breaths, moving your body for 15 mins.  Commit to small actions that you can commit to, with time you can also add up

Emotional Regulation

Ability to navigate your emotions learning to be responsive rather than reactive. When you feel that overwhelmed fight, flight you can practice pausing doing 3 deep Slow belly breath, regular self hypnosis which I teach all clients  helps you to learn how to respond rather than react, calming your body through your breath will help calm your mind. 

The more you practice the more you will  build self trust and self confidence to navigate your emotions responsibly.

Rediscover wonder/awe

Growing up were your parents always focus on your 

productivity and achievements? Did you see your parents play what was their view on having fun and playing?

Practice being spontaneous, find joy in simple things, focus on play.

Doing things without an agenda or focusing on a specific outcome. Doing things simply because we enjoy them this can look like  finding a new hobby,  taking a lesson something you are interested in, putting a side sometime to draw, create, dance etc.This can take time be patient and spend sometime in self discovery.


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