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Benefits From Learning To Trust Your Intuition

Are you looking to enhance your intuition and gain practical tools for personal growth and self-discovery? In this 3 hours small private group you will get to practice different skills to help you clearly differentiate between your own fear/anxiety vs. Intuition

Understanding the difference between Intuition vs. Instinct

When you are able to trust your intuition

  • You become a better decision make

  • You trust in yourself more

  • You do not seek external validations

  • You are more confident in yourself

  • Enhance your intuition muscle being able to see and feel clearly

In this small and private online group workshop, our experienced facilitators will guide you through a transformative journey of intuition development. You will learn practical techniques to enhance your intuitive abilities and gain insights into your personal life and relationships. Our workshop will provide you with the tools you need to trust your intuition and make empowered choices.

1. Develop Greater Self-Awareness

Discover how to connect with your inner self and gain deeper insights into your thoughts, emotions, and desires.

2. Enhance Decision-Making Skills

Learn how to trust and act upon your intuition to make better choices in life and overcome obstacles with ease.

3. Strengthen Intuition Muscle

Practice exercises that will sharpen your intuitive senses and enable you to tap into universal knowledge.


For therapist, healers many of you struggle with "I am not seeing but I feel " or vice versa this will help you to open up all other senses as well.

Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a transformative adventure towards intuitive living. Reserve your spot in our Intuition Workshop today and unlock the power of your intuition.

You get to practice different skills in 3 hours with different people in a small safe private group.



To confirm transfer 5000 baht to SCB 3322390040

whatsapp with receipt +668966363215 


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