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How To Set Healthy Boundaries & Protect Your Energy

1. Set the intention to protect your energy

Before you enter a room with people, set your intention to protect your energy and create healthy boundaries. In your mind, say, “I set the intention right now to be loving, to be kind, to be forgiving. But I’m also not going to leak my energy. I am not a sponge. Right now I am not going to take on the energy of others.”

2. Believe you have an invisible gatekeeper of your energy

Open up to the idea that you have your own invisible gatekeeper. Create an image in your mind of who that may be. Maybe it’s an angel, maybe it’s a spirit guide, maybe it’s just an energy force. Call on that gatekeeper to close your gate when you want to protect your energy.

You can call on this energy gatekeeper by saying,

“Thank you for closing my gate right now.”

3. Recognize that ‘no’ can be the most loving response

We all have our own issues around saying no. A lot of the issues stem from people-pleasing behavior and the need to receive approval. Our work is to recognize that doing anything that’s out of alignment with our core beliefs and truths will never work. As we come to accept this, we realize that no is often the most loving response.

4. Restore your energy after an encounter

If you haven’t protected your energy before an encounter, then you can restore it afterward with a simple prayer. Say this prayer if you feel drained or negative after an interaction:

“I ask that any negative energy I picked up be removed, recycled and transmuted. I ask that any positive energy I may have lost be retrieved now.” Clear your energy through a Reiki session.

5. Get more guidance on how to protect your energy

If its your people pleasing nature and you wonder why you keep encountering the same kind of energy over again and again then its time for you to do some deeper subconscious work through hypnotherapy.

Feel free to message me for consultation.


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