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Jar of Gratitude

Last year i started my JAR OF GRATITUDE( here in the pic).Every day, at the end of the day, I take a scrap of paper, and i write something i am grateful for today. There's always SOMETHING to be grateful for.Even on the crappiest day i was able to be thankful for being strong to overcome things. Grateful to be able to let go and start over again. Cherish small little things with big love like my dog Snoopy for always giving me unconditional love. Being able to break my long distance relationships pattern. A friend that came into my life when i needed love and emotional support. Messages from my clients saying how i inspire them. Simple things around you just write it down and throw it in the jar. Keep it forever. I took all of them out to read it and ive seen what all i accomplished and so grateful that the Universe is always supporting and listening to me. Remember you are never alone and always supported just Surrender it all when you feel you cant control a situation.Im going to continue this practice again this year...i hope i inspire you to do the same =) Love light and Gratitude Areena

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