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How I use affirmations to elevate my energy

One of the most common questions I'm asked is how I keep my spirits high. Here's the truth—I'm human so there's no way I can be sunshiney 24/7. But nourishing my energy and keeping it positive is as important to me as my fur-kid and the beautiful flowers growing in my garden. It's been an ongoing journey for me to elevate my energy and it all started from watching all the positive high vibrational speakers like Louise Hay, Abraham Hicks and many other more. I began creating my own affirmations that help me cultivate joy and provide guidance and comfort when I need it most. Meditating on these statements has pulled me out of many a slump. It's just so much healthier to fill our heads with love rather than fear. Love leads to growth. Fear shuts it down.

Another tip is to always find gratitude even in the midst of the worst days even if its one thing you can think of to be grateful for write it down and elaborate on why you are thankful for it write atleast three to five things you are grateful about the person or situation.

Example: I choose happiness because I love how joy makes me feel. Each day I am honored to have the choice of how I would like to feel. I choose positivity because it makes me feel better and better.

I hope this serves you and if you know someone who will benefit from this please share and spread the positivity!

Aloha & Positive vibes


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